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In TIL3S - Tiles in 3D (or simply TIL3S) you are responsible for the mighty tile-stream! Tiles flow down this stream, but some of them are broken! Fix all broken tiles by sliding, scaling and tapping on them, because if you fail to do so you lose a life!

Sounds easy? Not so fast! The tile stream initially moves slow, but with each new level the stream accelerates. To make matters worse with each new level the background and tile colors change and you find yourself a whole new world!

TIL3S is a quick-fix game and pure addiction, to go. Get it now and find out if you've got what it takes to rock TIL3S!

Have a look


  • Screenshot 1
    Not bad! 257 points and 3 lives (the 3 dots at the top).
  • Screenshot 2
    38 points, see the tapper-tile at the very bottom? It's going to be a close call!
  • Screenshot 3
    The game in left-hand mode. All UI-elements are switched.
  • Screenshot 4
    A slider- and a scaler-tile in Knicks-colors! You can pause the game in the upper right corner.
  • Screenshot 5
    The tile-stream in green is on the left. The yellow tile is a tapper-tile.

In-game Video

There's a 3 in TIL3S

TIL3S - Tiles in 3D, as its name implies, has 3 different kinds of broken tiles that will appear in the tile stream. See below for a description of these tiles.


Slider tile

A tile that needs to be fixed by sliding it into the left, right, top or bottom (in this case left) direction.


Tapper tile

Tapper-tiles need to be tapped twice in order to be fixed. Tap it once and the tile changes its color. Tap it again and it will change its color to the correct one.


Scaler tile

Drag from the center of the scaler tile diagonally into one of its corners to fix it.


Fixing one of the above tiles in a very fast way will earn you 3 points, while fixing them in the very last minute will get you 2 points! Tiles that are fixed in a normal manner will only get you 1 point. So it pays to be fast or risky!


TIL3S offers 2 ways to extend it via in-app purchases. Your purchases will never expire so you will always keep them!

Extra Life

Increase your scores by purchasing this extra life! You will keep an extra life for each new game you play! Instead of starting out with 2 lives you will start with 3 lives!

More Colors

We took weeks to come up with the correct color schemes for TIL3S. In addition, we added even more beautiful color schemes that add to the fun of playing TIL3S.


Need support? Contact us at websupport@anyorbit.com!


TIL3S - Tiles in 3D works on all iPhones, iPods and iPads running on iOS 7 and greater.

By switching off anti-aliasing on the iPhone 4 we even managed to make a butter-smooth 60 frames per second possible on that device!